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Rebecca Matthews

Mind and Body Co

Rebecca Matthews is a transformation coach and the founder of 'The Mind and Body Co'. Rebecca specialises in helping her clients work out what truly matters to them and how to start living their best lives. She totally transformed her own life and now she helps others to do the same!

Rewind a few years, before starting 'The Mind and Body Co' and coaching her clients to transform their lives. Rebecca worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. She was hating her work, hating her life and feeling like a failure on all fronts (at work, as well as at home with her family)...

Realising that no one was going to change her life for her, she made her move; working her way up the corporate ladder and into a leadership role where she got to inspire, mentor and coach her team members to success. Now a successful Transformation Coach, business owner and by her own account a much better mother, wife and generally happier person!

Coaching with Rebecca Matthews
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Workshop Sessions

TOPIC: Assembling your personal board of directors.


We have all heard that ‘we are better together’, yet you may be looking around you at the people in your life thinking ‘are you freakin kidding me?’ So let me clarify…

When we surround ourselves with the right people, people who champion us and support us to achieve our dreams then YES we are in fact better together. If you however are still letting the people in you life suck away at your soul and want you to continue to play small then that is a whole other thing.

When thinking about the people in your life who are your ‘go to’ people it is important to remember that no one person is the oracle on all things. For example you might not want to ask you uncle the mechanic for advice on your relationship or finances, just like you might not want to be going to your best friend for business advice.