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6 Reasons Why Marketing Your Business is so Important

marketing motivation May 07, 2019

Six Reasons why marketing your business is so important

1. Marketing Informs your customers


By informing and educating your customers about you and about what you do, how do you serve? How do you help people. In order for customers to buy from you, your audience needs information.

When they have a solid understanding about you and your products and services. They are well educated,  they know, like and trust you. This makes it easy for them to choose to buy from you, if they feel you are the right fit for them. So number one, it informs.


2. Marketing equalises the playing field

Modern day marketing, has made it a lot less expensive than it used to be to get you front of your ideal clients.

Billboards, newspaper ads,  TV ads and radio commercials were all very expensive.

But today, we have financial viable options to get our message out there. This allows you to compete against a lot of the big names and you still be able to get out there in a cost effective way. The modern day consumer values values. You are giving them an experience, not only telling them how your product works.

Our SME business types, it's like never before. We pull people away from those bigger brands because of the customer service that we can give. This is how it equalises the playing field. 


3. Marketing sustains 

It sustains the people that you currently have by showing up and being present to them. You should be running your marketing on an everyday basis. Create and manage your marketing systems on a daily basis. It forms healthy relationships between you and your current clients. Build those relationships.

Marketing is not a one time fix. It is an ongoing thing that you should be doing each day in your business.

 So to recap so far marketing informs, equalises and sustains.

4. Marketing engages


When you're using your marketing strategies in the right way, you get real engagement. And it is the engagement that you get through your marketing strategies. It's at the heart of your business, especially as an SME business. It helps people through conversations that you can have with them.

The consumer wants that face to face. They want to know who they're dealing with, who's that person behind the scenes who is taking care of them.

Customers want to build that relationship. It helps to build your brand, through ensuring that you're using engagement as a way to get out to your customers.

If you walk into say a your local bakery,  and they know you by name and they talk to you and they say hi, that's fabulous. But the consumer wants to go beyond that. They want more from you than  knowing their name, they want you to be showing up so that you are not forgotten.


5. Marketing sells



By having good marketing strategies, we then end up with the bottom line of our business.. Selling our products and our services. If you are not marketing to try and sell something, your business model is not viable.


Be honest. If you aren't making sales and you aren't marketing your business to get your customers, it'll go broke. You could be the best product on the market, the best service out there. But if you're not marketing to your people, they're not going to know about you.


6. Marketing grows

Marketing helps your business to grow. Now, yes, we can continue to nurture, we can continue to sustain current relationships. But we also need to be ensuring that we are growing. Because we're going to need more customers, the ones that we have will dry up or they'll move on.

You know you have your few lifers that are around all the time. But if you're not marketing, you're not going to have consistent growth. And you know that your current customers, they still need to be your main focus.

You also need to be expanding your database. I always say growing your leads and collecting those email addresses. Because it will help to spread the word about how amazing you are.


So one of the most important things you can do in your business is embrace marketing. Building that brand awareness of you and your business and how you can help and serve others. But also it will increase your sales, your business will get growth. Engagement will help build those strong foundations of relationships with your customers. Without a good marketing strategy, you do not have a long term plan for your business and it will fail.



  1. Marketing informs people about our product, and how it can help them.


  1. Marketing equalises the playing field between us and bigger businesses out there.


  1. Marketing sustains the current people that we have.


  1. Marketing it engages with our audience so they get to  know like and trust us.


  1. Marketing it sells, it puts money in the bank so that we can grow.


  1. Marketing grows our business. If you do not have a budget set aside for your marketing, then you need to rethink your business.


Every business that is successful out there invests in marketing.

You need to spend money to make money.


If you can find a business model where you don't need to spend a cent and make a lot of money, point me in that direction.


Your call to action today is tell me, 'Do you have a marketing strategy in your business?" If you want your business to be successful, you have to embrace marketing, and you have to embrace sales. You cannot run a business without them.


So leave comments here, "Yes, I have a marketing plan."  "No, I don't have a marketing plan." And if you want help, and you want some direction, reach out to me, I would be happy to point you in the right direction. To help you start to embrace marketing.


Thanks for reading and remember


"Remember, never let anyone dull your sparkle!"



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