Hello, I'm Sally Sparks-Cousins.


I've been a lifelong entrepreneur, starting my first business at age 8. I always loved to find ways to turn $1 into $2. I struggled to scale my business without feeling like I was chained to the computer.

Everything changed when I realised the power of automation and simplifying my systems to only 4 pieces of software that have helped me get back 4 hours a day, and scale to a multiple 7-figure business, with employees.

I now love to help other online entrepreneurs replicate my exact system so that they can start attracting clients on auto-pilot without the tech set-up confusion, so they can do what they are good at "helping people & transforming lives" by sharing their inner sparkle with the world.

My Story


From buying things at the local From buying things at the local markets at age 8 and selling them for a profit. To becoming the second largest chocolate mould supplier on eBay, while starting my own graphic design and photography business in my 20’s. To become a qualified teacher and starting in network marketing and recognised as the top team builder in the Australia/New Zealand in my 30’s. To finally starting my online school “The Sparkle Class Academy” in my 40’s.

I have taken all my life skills and years as an entrepreneur, found my inner sparkle “zone of genius” which is a passion for sales and marketing automation & course/membership creation. Tied them together to develop The Sparkle Class Academy Signature method “The Automate Client Attraction Method” which is taught inside of our online membership program The Sales Marketing School.

I now get to hang out with other amazing coaches, consultants, healers and course creators daily inside the Sparkle World Community.

I get to use my inner sparkle to help take away their tech overwhelm, and help them track the sexy numbers in their  sales & marketing automation machines - so they can focus on what they are good at, which is serving and helping their clients using their own inner sparkle to transform lives while getting paid to do what they love!


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