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The 8 Benefits of Selling High Ticket

Oct 27, 2023

What is a high ticket offer?


A high ticket offer, if you picture yourself like a luxury cruise or a VIP pass or, you know, something that's truly going to knock your socks off and make you super happy, they are typically aimed at a more selective niche and they're either individuals or businesses that are willing to invest.


Usually, 2K or above is a considerable amount. But that high money also means higher quality solutions. So, the exact definition of a high ticket can vary from industry to industry, but what I consider a high ticket offer inside of the coaching space is over two thousand dollars and generally speaking, you're going to want to have a conversation with somebody because I know if I'm going to spend 30, 50, 150, 000, I want to speak to someone first.


Now, truly the high-ticket offer is the holy grail of the coaching business because it's really serious money into your bank account, but also you are going to give tailored solutions, right? You're going to create a real transformation, not just this surface-level stuff, right? So, it could be like really cool swanky coaching programs.


It could be advanced training programs or high. That really high-end exceptional experience. The list really goes on, but it's taking, for me, it would be your signature method, so the step-by-step process that you do with people, along with live coaching components as well. So it could be like an online course.


But then there's the live coaching component that helps them to get through the areas where they get stuck. Now, selling a high-ticket like a rock star isn't about just cold calling and mass marketing. Selling a high-ticket offer is about how you need to build trust. You need to create real connections with your audience.


And also, you've got to build that confidence in those prospects that whatever their investment is going to be. That you are going to help them, right? You're going to help guide them through and give them an actual real result. So, I can tell you the sweetest part about a high-ticket offer is it's going to skyrocket your revenue.


And then you can start hiring yourself out of the jobs that you don't want to do and focus on the things that you love most. Which is probably serving and helping people. 


If you hone in on your audience. Without sweating over making massive, massive amounts of sales. You just need a few to hit those income goals. 


Because let's be totally honest here. We created our coaching business. Whether it's B2B or B2C, because we want to help people, right? 


Benefit 1: the dollar

Okay, so the number one biggest benefit is the dollar, baby. The dollar, dollar bills. You'll be bringing in more money per client. So, cha ching! A higher ticket offer generally means higher profit. This means that you can potentially earn more with less. So, for example, if you are selling a 100 offer versus a 2K offer, how many do you need to sell to say hit 10K, right? You need to sell 100 products to hit the 10k, right? But if you've got a 2k product, you've only got to sell 5.


I mean, the math doesn't lie. Seriously, it is so much easier to get 5 yeses than 100. It just is. 


Benefit 2: the commitment 

So the next one, number two reason, you actually get a committed cohort. So that's the people that sign up with you. You see your clients are in it to win it. And you know, they are with you because they want solutions, but also what they're paying for is accountability and community along with having an enhanced opportunity.


So when they come in and pay a little bit more, they're bound to be more engaged and more driven. I mean, who out there has maybe purchased a 27 thing and you've never looked at it. Come on. If I'm being totally honest right now. I'm one of those people too. But high ticket clients are usually more committed and more serious about achieving their goals.


They've made a significant investment, which often then leads to higher engagement and effort on their part. 


Benefit 3: the relationship

Number three is that you will build a better client relationship. So when you have fewer clients, you have more time for the ones that you serve. You can give them that personalized attention. You can build a more meaningful relationship.


You can truly provide that attention on a deeper level than if you've got tens of thousands of clients, which can also then lead to higher client satisfaction and better outcomes. Honestly, it is a recipe for just having happy, sparkling clients.


Benefit 4: the support

Number four benefit is that you can raise the bar within your coaching program because you can improve your service delivery. So what that means is what you're able to do is with less people to cater to, more money coming in, you've got more time to finesse your transformation, your outcome, the help that you give people. Better service as well. You can hire people to come in and help support your clients.


We've got success coaches, tech builders, graphic designers, mindset coaches, copywriting coaches, meta paid ad coaches, LinkedIn coaches, because we can now provide a better service to our clients, better outcomes. And also, once you give them a better outcome, you give them an amazing service, they're going to go and tell their friends, right?


Win, win, win for everybody.


Benefit 5: the perception

Number five benefit is that you can also increase the professional perception. If you saw a program worth 500 or you saw a program worth 5,000, which one would you perceive would give you the best results? The 500 or the 5,000? It's pretty simple, right? High-ticket offers scream, top quality, real outcomes, and they position you as an authority in your field.


So it can elevate your perception as an actual brand in itself, and also that you're not just any coach, you are the coach.


Benefit 6: the selection

And number six benefit is that you can get more selective. You can be more selective over the clients that you bring on. So you can be picky, but also proud to be picky because with a high- ticket offer, you can choose your clients.


Surprisingly, we say no to more people than we say yes to for our top diamond level program. So it's like customizing your work experience. We always say design your offer, design your business around your values, your life, the things you want, because you can create that for yourself. So when you have the opportunity to be more selective over the clients, this can result in a much more enjoyable experience for you.


The clients that choose you, who are a great style for you, you also get to choose them. So, you get to choose them based on their personal style. The feeling sometimes. I'm like, I just don't get a good feeling about this person, and we will say no. Listen to the goosebumps, listen to the gut feels but also, the clients are choosing a great fit for them. Do they like your style? Do they want to work under your methodologies? So you both can get a little picky as well.


Benefit 7: the scalability

And number seven is scalability. In our business so that we can start hiring ourselves out of the things that we don't want to do. You know, when we start our business, we do have to do all the things and wear all the hats. But once you've built a scalable business, truly the sky's the limit. The higher revenue per client equals scalability.


Your business can grow without turning your clients into a list of like a phone book directory. You don't need that many people. And scalability also means that you can grow your income without drastically needing to increase the number of clients that you serve.


Benefit 8: the marketing

And the final one, number eight, is you can have less marketing efforts.


You do need to make sure you're putting lots of long term nurtures, but with fewer clients to like woo into your business, you can save time. And also the effort and the resources that you put into your marketing. Because... It's quality over quantity. So remember, while a high-ticket offer has lots of benefits, you are also required to give fabulous service.


Let's be honest, we are here because we want to help people, right? You want to provide a high level of service and commitment as a coach. This is what we practice. This is what we preach. Everything we do, sure, we make money. But really at the end of the day, it's for our people, right? It's for our people to serve them, to love them, to look after them.

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