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Tip 4/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

Nov 21, 2023

Tip 4/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

We're going to speak about how you can emphasize scarcity and create urgency but in an authentic way so that you're not sleazy, salesy, or gross.

But when you tap into the principles of scarcity and urgency with your potential customers, you highlight things like limited-time offers and exclusive deals.

Maybe there's limited places. Or like we love to do founder member rates when we start a new program. Now this will also give the customer the perception of a limited time opportunity, and they're more likely to get motivated and act swiftly around buying from you, right? Increasing the chances of actually getting a sale.


So here are some key points on how you can emphasize scarcity to create urgency in your sales:


Number 1 is limited-time offers.

Time-sensitive offers.

There's a countdown timer.

Everybody gets in and then there's a shut-off or maybe there's a discount and then the price goes up.

Whatever deal it is has an expiry time.


Number 2 is exclusive deals.

Provide exclusive deals or discounts to a select group of customers. That will create a sense of exclusivity but also enhance that urgency to buy. Like recently, we opened the doors for people to come and join in a mapping session to map out their signature method.

There were only five places available. So it was quite exclusive and also time-sensitive because it's running this week.


Number 3 is to put countdown timers.

Put countdown timers in your sales presentations, on your landing pages, websites, marketing materials, and emails.

This will show how there, you know, there is that remaining time.

You can get active timers to put inside emails even when they open and they can literally see the countdown timer counting down.


Number 4 is limited spaces.

So another way to show limited spaces is say in your emails or on your landing pages, show how many are left.

If you've only got two places left inside your program. Send an email out.

Let people know.

Only two places left.


Number 5 is a flash sale.

Think about what niche you're in and can you align a flash sale with something that's happening in the community, right?

So maybe it's Easter or New Year, right? Especially in the health and wellness space, New Year's is great.

You've got an end of the financial year, you've got Black Friday.

There are many different times throughout the year that you could use a flash sale as well.


Number 6 is early bird discounts.

We do that, especially for customers who are joining a brand new program or if we're running a live paid event, when we first open up the ticket sales, it will be for, you know, seven days only. And then it'll go up over time as you get closer and closer to the event.



Number 7 is limited quantities.

Again, limited quantities if for example, we've run a program in the past where we're giving away hats and notebooks, but only to the first five or 10 people who join.

So if you've got a physical product that you include along with your coaching program, maybe there's a limited amount of those programs available.


Also with your social media announcements, make sure that any of these limited-time offers are reaching a broader audience not just on your email list, but out there across social media as well.


Now, I do highly, highly recommend that you measure every time you run any of these things. So we can see which of these different Scarcity to create urgency tactics are actually giving you a greater result, but honestly, when you emphasize scarcity to create a sense of urgency, it will help to motivate customers to take action more immediately rather than thinking about it because they have FOMO, right, that fear of missing out, and it can be a really powerful psychological trigger to prompt people to take action sooner rather than waiting for later.


However, it is really essential that these scarcity tactics are genuine. If there are only five places, there really are only five places because you also need to maintain credibility with your audience.


So when you implement scarcity, it will increase conversions, and drive sales, but please do it authentically.



Never let anyone dull your sparkle!




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