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The most neglected part of your marketing process

follow up marketing sales sparkle tips Oct 25, 2019

The most neglected part of your marketing process

Now this topic we're going to be covering now is the most neglected part of the marketing process.

What do you think is the most neglected part of the marketing process?

Number one

Number one in the marketing process is to attract your clients.

 This is through advertising. Organic, paid advertising and free advertising.  

 It's a way to get people to start to get to know us and tell them what we have to offer.

Number two

The second step is to turn them into a lead. 

 Now, this is when we've now collected their email address or their phone number. 

 So now they're on our list. It is super important that we're always growing our list. Because remember, guys, every one email equates to about $1 a month into your bank account. So you should be growing your email list every single day, every day.

Number three

Number three is the nurture process. 

The nurture process is about building the relationship with people. We want to build relationships.  

People are not going to come in and know you for five seconds and then go hey, yeah, I'm going to spend money with you. They want to get to know like and trust you first.

Number 4

Number four is to convert or to get them to become a paying client. 

So this is our marketing process.

Number five

Number five is now that they're a paying client, deliver your content to them and Wow them. 

We have an onboarding system. We ensure that when people come into our community, they're not left alone. We actually ensure that we're nurturing them, we've got lots of follow up systems in place for that as well.


Number six

Number six is to turn them into a lifetime customer.

Lifetime customers will  buy more products and services from you as they think you're awesome. Because you delivered, you wowed the pants off of them. Now they're turning into a lifetime customer.

Number seven

Number seven is to spread the Sparkle Love. 

 This is where they love you so much. They become a brand ambassador, and they start to tell their friends about you. And that is free marketing baby!

So, out of these steps, which one do you think is the most neglected part of the marketing process?

  • Number one, Attract leads and turn them into a lead?
  • Number two, so that will be phone calls and follow ups.
  • Number three is the nurture.
  • Number four is the convert into money.
  • Number five, delivery wow !
  • Number six. Love on them so much that they want to buy more things from you.
  • Number seven, you get them to become a lifetime brand ambassador and they tell everyone about you.

What's the most neglected part?

The most neglected part is the nurture. The nurture is the building of relationships. 

 So many people think that if they're attracting leads, and getting leads information they're going to buy from you.

You need to spend time nurturing those people who are only starting to get to know you. 

Now, here are some things that you can do to nurture them.

Go Live, share content, help people!

Do you have a nurture series set up for your emails?  Educate and continue to educate people. Give them resources, get them to know you so that they can make an informed decision if they want to buy from you or not.

When you're serving them, you also need to continue to nurture them. So give, give, give and nurture those little babies. Keep doing it until they come and turn into an actual paying customer.  You can love on them, and get them all the way down to start spreading the Sparkle Love baby.

So I want to know who out there has a nurture process in place?

The most important part about the nurture process is building relationships. You really, really want to build those relationships. 

Some people may come and meet you for the first time and have only known you for a day or two. 

I've got clients that have taken a couple of years before they've decided to purchase from me. But I'm always showing up. I'm always nurturing.  I'm always coming from a place of service. Our business revolves around good karma and pay it forward.

You may think this is what Sally gives away for free, imagine what she does for her paying clients!

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