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Add Closed Captioning Subtitles to your Videos on Facebook

how to Jun 05, 2019

Add Closed Captioning Subtitles to your Videos on Facebook

Would you like to add the closed captioning subtitles to your videos when they're on Facebook? Well, the cool thing about Facebook is it does it for you! and you won't believe how simple it is once we step through the process.

So let's get into today's content.

Step One

Hit the Live button and deliver your solution to problems that your audience may have. Now  your video is up on Facebook, look for the three little dots on the top right of your post. This is where you edit your videos.

Step Two

Click on the three little dots to bring up edit video. The dots may be in a couple of places. Look for them down the bottom of your video, or on the right hand side up into the top corner. This depends on whether it's an uploaded video, or if it's a live video.

Click this edit video button, and a dialog box will open up. Look down under the right hand side there will be a box that says subtitles and captions, cc.

This is where you add your subtitles. The great thing is Facebook actually tries to figure a lot of this out for you.

Step Three

Look  under the captions added and where it says English auto generated, click on the little pin. What now happens is Facebook  will try to work out what you're saying.

The captioning will not be  100% correct. Look through the captions there may be some strange words.

So let's have a little look at what I'm saying and what Facebook has generated for us. So you can see here, it's got people on to give, and I said to give on over.

So you  come over to the right hand side. And in this section, you can type in the bits you need to add or replace. So I'll type in how to get people on over. Then just continue on editing.

So as you can see, you will need to work your way through. But it works out to be super easy, because most of it's done for you. And then once you're done, Click the Save button.
So once you hit the publish and save button, it will start to add in those closed captions in about 30 seconds or so.
The closed captions are going to appear on your video on playback when anybody joins us and watches.

So how super simple is that? Rather than having to sit there and type it word for word, you watch it back and do the auto generate option. Then change and fix the words where they don't quite get it. 100% right. But it makes it easy to add closed captions that way.

Let me know how you go with this and share this blog around if you know anyone that may find this tip useful.


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