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Don't Leave Money Sitting On The Table

sales Nov 01, 2019

Don't leave money sitting on the table!

Don't leave money sitting on the table.

Today let's talk about how to stop leaving money sitting on the table.

 Let's talk about six ways that lazy sellers stop short... 

...where they could do better... 

 ...and if they use the system and a proven plan, they would be making more money.

Number one

A lazy seller will lose track of someone who isn't interested in their product or service right now. 

 If you don't have a way to track your leads, and you're not segmenting your leads, these leads may not be ready for you right now, but chances are, if they were looking, they may be ready in the future sometime. They may be in that research mode right now.

Number two

A lazy seller may be too slow to make contact.  

 When they get a referral or a new phone number, the best thing to do is to contact a new lead within 24 hours. This is when you're still front of mind.

 We have a nine touch follow up system. 

 We teach this inside of the Sparkle Class Academy in the business sales and marketing component.

 We teach that the first step  is that you need to reach out to them within 24 hours because they are still thinking of you. They still remember you... they haven't forgotten about you or your freebie.

Number three

The third thing that lazy sellers do that stop them short of making more money is they keep no connection with their annual  subscribers.

Especially around renewal time. Or if they've been inside of their community for a while they start to neglect them and forget that they're there.

So we have systems in place where we're always there for you.  Like in the VOS, that's part of the school system that we run.

We're always there front and center for you guys to jump in and ask us questions. 

In our membership program you will see us once a week.

Our school students get our full and undivided attention for the two months the school runs. We are there all the time. We're eating with you. Sometimes we're falling asleep with you. It's a high touch program.

Number five

The fifth reason is they continue to work with people who are not the decision makers in their business.

You always want to make sure that you are speaking to that decision maker. That will help with that conversion that you're looking for.

Number six

Make sure they're asking more questions.

When they hear that they don't have enough money, or that they can't afford them... they're not digging deeper to find out whether it's real, or if it's an excuse.

So you want to use a lot of the digging deeper questions. Like, you know, please elaborate on that. Can you explain that in more detail.

We've got a whole list for overcoming objections.  

We've got nine tools that you can use inside of the school so that you'll never get stuck when it comes to objections. 

We have them all written out.

We'll practice them with you to make sure that it's easy.

It's simple... and it doesn't feel gross or salesy. 

But always dig deeper when you hear somebody say that they don't have enough money.

It's like, people buy what they value. So sometimes you need to dig a little deeper and see. 

Perhaps they don't know you enough yet. 

Maybe they don't trust themselves enough yet.

A lot of the time that answer,

"I don't have enough money" a protection mechanism that people say to help get themselves out of it. 


And you as a salesperson, because if you want to help people, you have to sell your product... a professional, you want to be digging deeper whenever you hear that.


Here's the thing... 

This could help double your sales…

The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

How's your Follow Up System?


Remember folks,

"Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle"


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