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Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads explained

goal setting marketing Jun 12, 2019

Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads explained

When you go to set up your ads it can look very confusing, but  we all need to love using ad manager.

I want to share with you in today’s blog post how to break down Facebook advertising.

Firstly, there are three levels when you're looking at your ads.

So let's get into today's content.

Level One

The Campaign Level.

This is the very top level is where you set your campaign.

Your campaign level is where you choose what the main goal you want Facebook to do with your ad.

You want to know the type of people you are trying to target and what you want them to do.

Do you want them to click?  

Do you want them to engage?

Do you want them to watch a video?

Do you want conversions?

I recommend conversions, as we want them to get from the opt in page to the thank you page, by giving you their email address.

In return you will send them some free resource for supply their email address.

When launching into a brand new country for network marketing. I wanted as many eyes as possible on my ad and I wanted them to comment on the ad, so that I could start a messenger conversion with the prospect.

The best campaign type for this goal was engagement, as the act of typing a comment on the post is considered engagement.

Level Two

The Ad Set level

Now that you know your campaign and what do you want them to do, the next level is the ad set level.

The ad set level is where you choose your interest groups,  age range and location.

As an example…

I would choose an ad set for Sarah Robbins. She has a big following  and a lots of coaches in network marketing.

Another Ad set, Tony Robbins.

I usually set between five to 10, depending on how much I want to test.

I start to think about the types of things that my ideal client would be interested in or would follow

… and then set up to target people in those interest groups. I

I  focus on women, as I want to build a community of like minded women. I usually set the age range between that 35 to 60 with a bit more life experience.  

I do usually the have the same age range, the same sex, the same area, the only thing that changes is who I'm marketing to in the interest group part of the Ad set level of Ads Manager.

Don't to be too specific when you're setting your interest groups.

If you're too specific, it's not going to be broad enough.

And you don't want to be too broad.

Facebook is smart enough to know which people are clicking on your ads, and they will narrow it down further.

Level Three

The Ad level.

The Ad level is what you see on your Facebook page.

You need to run the ads for 24 to 48 hours to see what's performing well.

You may have one which is a click through ad, a video ad and you wait to see how they perform for 48 hours.

Then you check all the views.

All the conversions and all  the click throughs.

You see what's not performing well, and you cross those Ad sets off .

By doing this you can start to scale up the other ads by approximately half of whatever the ad spend is set up every 48hours.

Example of what scaling I use every 48 hours

$5 to $10 to $15 to $20 to $30 to $45

That's how you test your ads to see how they are performing.

You need to test your ads because you don't know how they going to perform until you run testing.

Extra tip: Don’t push that boost button as it only gives you engagement to people that click, comment and do nothing.


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