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How to Follow Up Like a Pro

automation marketing sales Nov 08, 2019

How to  Follow Up Like a Pro as a Coach!

I want to share some tips with you and why following up is so important. 


Now who has heard the saying before? "The Fortune Is In The Follow Up?" 


Have you heard it?


I want to share some statistics with you about following up. 

 The National Sales Executive Association ran some surveys to find out how often people actually follow up.

 Did you know 48% of people say that they never follow up. 

So 48% of people say they never follow up. 

Are you one of those people who never follow up?

  25% of people say after 2 follow ups, they stop.

 10% of people say that they actually follow up more than three times.

All right now I want to talk to you about the statistics of the sale.

2% of your customers will actually buy.  

2% will buy on that first contact. 

3% of people will buy on the second. 

5% of people will buy on the third. 

10% of people will buy on the fourth. 

80% of your sales will come through at the 5th to 12th follow up!

Have you heard of thermo mix bowls?

I love them. When my thermomix lady rings me I can't help myself. She rings me all the time whenever the Thermomix serving bowls are on special.

So every time the company runs a promotion on the Thermo Servers, she always lets me know  and because I teach sales and marketing, I get so excited and I'm like, awesome, lady, you are amazing! You are amazing! 

So think about that, you need to start contacting your people more than once or twice.

In the Sparkle world we have a nine touch follow up system. Some of the girls who work in my team who actually helped with our follow up system, have been in contact nine times. Nine times before they even get a response, don't stop following up!

Always book your next conversation

Another thing I always say is when you have a conversation, always book your next conversation. That's being a professional.

If you give out content & resources and you have a conversation,  never finish a conversation without booking your next conversation. That way your follow ups.. they start to snowball.

When you are calling them they are expecting your call because you've already locked in a time with them. 

Now tell me how much easier would business be if the person that you were speaking to were waiting and ready for your call? Wouldn't that make it so much easier yet?

As I mentioned, we have an automated 9 touch follow up system that we teach inside of The Sparkle Class Academy. 

We set it up so the entire follow up system is automated. We have only two contacts that actually do get done manually. But every other contact is 100% automated. And we teach that inside of the Sparkle Class Academy.

How much money are YOU leaving on the table?

It's statistically proven that if you add follow ups to your systems, you will double your sales. How much money are you leaving on the table by not implementing a proven follow up system?

For those who have done the Sparkle Classic Academy Sales and Marketing School, have you implemented the 9 touch follow up system? 

If you're worried about the automated system, people have the option to opt out. So if they're not interested, it's really simple. They send the word STOP. 

I actually did an experiment where I had people messaging me. Do you know only maybe 1% of people will actually use the word No, most people will ghost you. And if they don't answer you they're probably not worth it.

If you're not implementing the 9 touch system into your sales and marketing strategies you are leaving, not hundreds, not thousands, but 10s of thousands of dollars of money on the table.

You need to make yourself a little bit uncomfortable.  

Pick up the phone and leave a message. 

Stay front of mind

80 to 90% of the time you leave a voicemail anyway. 

It means that you're showing up, you're turning up, you're in front of people, you're front of mind.

When they are thinking about what it is that you offer, you're the first thing that comes into their mind.

Increase your income by 50%

Another statistic is if you have got a sales team, continuous training of your sales team will actually net you 50% more income.

The first contact point is a call within 24 hours. Here you'll be front of mind, they're probably really, really ready. The rest of the system is automated.

After then we only speak to those who reply.


I love waking up in the morning with half a dozen messages of people who go "Yes, I would love to chat more with you, Sally." while my automated nine touch follow up system is working away in the background. How cool is that?

So if you want to join us inside of the Sparkle Class Academy, we have the whole thing written out for you. 

You Plug and Play baby. And it's set and monitor. 

You still need to speak to people

You do need to speak to people, you still need to speak to people are running a business. 

Even though we do lots of automation, we still need to speak to people.

But let us know if you want to know more about that. 

But if you are wanting somebody to build it for you as well, we do have a “done for you service”. We can build out your follow up system for you as well. And integrated it into whatever software that you use.

But hey, guys, it doesn't matter what you do. Just contact people more than once. More than twice. More than five times. Nine to 12 times before you move them to your nurture sequence.

Don't just get rid of them!

 If they don't answer and speak to you, after nine follow ups, move them to a nurture series.  They may not be ready now, but they may be ready later.

Never let anyone dull your sparkle!



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