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Knowing Your Why

goal setting how to May 29, 2019

Knowing Your Why

What's your Why have you defined your WHY?

But what does it mean?


As an entrepreneur, you need to know what your why is. It's a hard journey, to go into business for yourself.  To make the decisions to try and take your life and your personal self forward. It can at times feel lonely, when nobody kind of gets it and understands what it is that you're doing.

It goes beyond selling your product or your service, your why should be so much more than any of that. Because you it need to have some sort of purpose to why it is that you choose to do what it is that you do. Why did you choose to sell or have that particular product and service that you have chosen to do?  I know it goes beyond the product. It goes way beyond making some money.

There has to be something much deeper. There has to be something much more that drives you and pushes you through those hard times.

This is what will define a successful entrepreneur over a shiny ball chaser. Somebody who when they're down can refocus on their Why

I've have no doubt in my mind that most entrepreneurs have some sort of desire to serve and help people.


I know, for me, my long term vision is to be able to support other families. Making enough income in the world that I can use full time staff. I know that I'm giving back and helping other families that may not have a job, if it wasn't for me. Not everyone can be a business owner. The majority of the population are employees and to know that I know I would be able to help other people.

I love to inspire people. That's why I'm here all the time. It's so satisfying. I get messages from people where they tell me they've had an incredible experience. They've had some form of success because of something that I've said or done. Those messages of gratitude. That is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

You need to look at your why as what as well as Why are you building a business? Why?

Have you asked yourself? What is the drive, what is the deep passion? What is the reason?

I want you to tell me what your why is and it has to go beyond money, it has to go beyond that. I want you to see the bigger picture beyond your product. The service that you give. What is that bigger picture that you see?

It could be that you're doing it for your family. You want to be a good example, to your children. There could be something outside of your business that inspires you to continue. Pushing through the hard times as an entrepreneur as it is not an easy road. If it was a get rich quick scheme, don't you think everyone would be doing it?

Your why gives you resilience, the focus to push through the hard times


We all go through our ups and downs we have bad days, but we pick ourselves up. Remembering your why helps you do this.

I challenge you, write it down on paper. Define it now what your why is. How is it going to change as your business and outlook on life change and evolve and grow. You need to know exactly what your why is, or you will not succeed.  You will give up because you will forget why it was that you started in the first place.

That's our topic for today.

What's your why?

Write it down stick it on a wall somewhere where you can see it and take a photo of it and share it here. I'd love to see your why!




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