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Let's think about Branding

marketing Sep 11, 2019

Let's Think about Branding

Let's think about branding. Branding and the emotional connection to your personal brand.

The emotional connection to your brand.

☆ How it can help to build your business and also build your audience?

When choosing colours and objects for your brand, there is  an emotional connection to you. That's usually why you choose it. Then you can connect your brand objects and colours to the stories thats attached to them. Sharing stories creates an emotional connection for you and for your audience.

The best type of public speaker, the best leaders out there are great storytellers. It's not the A plus B equals C,  it's not the how to do this and how to do that. That people remember the most. It is the stories behind what you say and do that usually resonates and stays with people.  It creates effective reactions. It creates experiences. It creates a common interest between you and your customers or your team.

It builds your brand. People know who you are. Then things that they see or when they look at things they think about you. There's an emotional association and connection to your brand as well as you.

It doesn't matter what you sell, they come to you because of you. Your customers, or people who decide to join you in business, choose to come in because of you and what you put out there.

Remember as business owners and entrepreneurs we are a public figure. We put ourselves out there as a professional in a field,. Whether it's in a service based product, or whether it is a physical product we put ourselves out there.  We back up our products and services with us as consultants.

Yes, you want to be able to tell stories but you don't want to be a pity party.  That's not going to be very appealing to your brand. You want to be unique, and you want to be you so that people resonate with you.

I struggle and I share my struggles with you.  I share my stories and my ups and downs with you because that's being authentic. But if I came in here all the time and all I did was whinge and complain, who is going to like that? Who is going to want to stay and buy my products or services? Nobody because I'm a downer. So you've got to remember that it's confidence and your passion that attract people. That's what attracts them first. That's what makes them come back as a returning customer or even join your team.


Good leader knows their boundaries.  You need to know that there's a time and a place for certain things. Don't go on to social media every day telling everyone you're having a bad day. Phone a friend. There are people for that- find your support network when things get bad.  Don't throw it out there on social media. You're a business owner, and your social media platform is like your shop front.

Let me tell you about how I love my fish and chip shop guy.  There are four fish and chip shops in my town. I only ever go to one because he's so happy.  I walk in, he's like, "Hey Sally!" and he and the woman in that behind the counter are so happy. The other  guys are all cranky and unhappy in their job. Which 1am I going to go to?Am I going to go to the one where the people are not even happy to be at work. I'm going to go to the happy shop. I'm going to go to the happy shop because as a consumer, as a customer. I have a choice, who I want to buy from.

Make sure that you keep it professional as well. Don't forget that your social media platform is your shop front to your product or your service. Your passion and positivity for your service or your product will attract people to you. Don't be a whinger. Don't be a complainer.


In my sparkle world, purple is my colour . Purple,  Aqua and Silver. They're my colours and a bit of pink.

I have my wine time, I love coffee. People tag me with anything that sparkles.  They're always sending sparkles and holographic things.

Purple  for me is happiness. I find it spiritual, positive, uplifting and inspiring.

I love purple so much., I got married in purple. I love dogs. I grew up with dogs I remind me of my grandparents that raised me and I love my dogs, they were my babies before babies.

I love anything that sparkles.

The word sparkle, there's a few things and reasons behind embracing the word sparkle. Sorry, I'll tell you a story.

My biological father left when I was young, and my mom remarried.

His surname was Sparks. I was never forced to change my name to Sparks. But as I grew older and realised how amazing he is as a dad, he's my dad. I chose to take on his name.

As a went into high school I asked him to adopt me because I wanted him to be my official father.  I didn't know my biological father. It's very special to me and I was never going to change my name because it was my choice to take the name Sparks. I always said when I get married, I'm never changing my name because it means so much to me. So the name sparks means so much to me. Here in the sparkle world. It it makes me think of light. Lighting people up and inspiring people from the inside.  Accepting themselves from the inside and radiating out.

That's how I want to influence other people. Help them to believe in themselves.  To take action to take their business and their life forward. You've got to believe in yourself. It all comes down to a belief in what you can do so the word Sparkle has so many meanings.

When I met Danny straight away, I knew Iwas never going to change my name. I said to him one day, if I take your name, will you take mine.?

And so that's why I've never put out Sally Sparks into the social media world . It's always Sally Sparks Cousins, because he took on Sparks, and I took on Cousins. Hey doesn't have a dad, either. So  my dad, he calls dad.

So surnames names are special to us.

That's become of part of my brand. I've been able to bring it together with that emotional connection to the name Sparks. It's evolved into Sparkle over the many years that I've been in business. One of my passions apart from like inspiring and helping others is marketing.  I love marketing. I love running the numbers. I love trial and error. My husband's like I want to buy you a computer for your birthday. I'm like baby I prefer to spend it on marketing.

I love Facebook and marketing and advertising so much.

I love to understand my emotional connection to my brand. I also love to know my target markets emotional connection to my brand. Lots of people out there in my target market, love, purple. They love sparkles and no it doesn't have a lot to do with selling anything but they connected to that somehow.

What is it, tell me below I'm, curious and interested. What is it that attracted you to the Sparkle world, why do you stay in the sparkle world?

Is it an emotional association? More than the colour purple and silver and my hair that I change colours are with. There's usually a deeper connection to the brand than money and sales. Then helps you to make decisions.

When creating your personal brand, you're choosing  colours, objects and type faces. There's many style guides and business guides fo personal branding and business branding. I find when we sit down and do quite a few meetings, it all turns around the emotional connection at the end.

For me the emotional part of your branding is the heart of the your branding. It's not colours, type faces and fonts. There has to be a connection there.

In the Sparkle world we have our business values. They are Team Synergy.  Sharing culture, solution driven, sharing and unique and good karma.

Team Synergy means we are unite togetther  We work smarter not harder. That is team Sparkle that is the world of the Sparkle work. We work so much better together supporting each other than we do alone. We are a sharing culture. We love to build our tribe. Share the sparkle love out there into the world. People choose to stay in this place that we all hang out in it resonates with them.


So to share this Sparkle culture. We want to take over the world.! We want Sparkle Con- bring on Sparkle Con. We are solution driven business oriented.  This means we focus on the solution and not the problem.


Both in business, and in our personal life and personal growth. We are self empowered business women. We make positive choices. We believe in ourselves. And that we can overcome any obstacle that's thrown our way. We are authentic and unique.


Because you are the only you that exists. You want to be unique. There is only one Sally, thank god Imagine if there was more of a in the world.

You need to embrace you.  Embrace yourself from the inside, and it will radiate out once you believe that.  You can be as crazy or as quiet as you want to be. Embrace who you are, what you do when you around your best friend.


When you don't care what anybody thinks that's who you should put out in your brand.  That person is the real you. I bet you they're a caring, loving person. If you're in the Sparkle  World Baby, you're a caring, loving person.

Of course good there's karma. I talk about it all the time. Good karma, paying it forward, and good karma begins with you. It begins with you.  Always treat others as you would have them do to you.

That's the personal brand brand and, you know, we want to help others on our path and on our journey, no matter where it goes. We want to inspire uplift and encourage everybody.

Those that are in the Sparkle world and especially those that are part of Team sparkle in the Elite group. You guys are in the Sparkle world a lot. Some of you may have joined teams that were not quite right. Or you're in business by yourself  and you need that extra support and love. That's what the Sparkle world is for.

I used to support many people across many different teams. Some may realised they weren't getting the support they needed.

I'm like "Hey baby come to the Sparkle world".  I'm always sharing the spark will love. It will come back to you tenfold if you're not always thinking that I'm doing this for something in return.


I love what I do so much. I love it. It is a passion, and you guys are the reason why I get to do what I love. I appreciate you more than words could say.

If you're thinking about creating your own personal brand remember the emotional stuff! I also recommend that you put yourself out there and go Live.


Because it will, I'm telling you it will help you business. If you're not sure you need the confidence. Check out my short course on going live. It'll help you get the confidence to do that.

Also I want you to take a moment when you're picking your colours, why?  Is there a story? Is there something that you can relate to? When you are bringing things into your brand.

Have fun with it and let us in the Sparkle world what your brand looks like!





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