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Tip 3/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

Nov 20, 2023

Tip 3/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

We're going to talk about leveraging social proof to build your credibility.

When you use social proof, it will help to build your confidence. I mean, I love reading testimonials and reviews. It makes me really happy to see that what we do is helping people.

Also, those testimonials, client reviews, even run some case studies around customers that have been successful so that you can showcase their satisfaction, their results.


Highlight real world examples. You know, stories of successes. It will truly build your credibility and demonstrate that you are somebody who actually delivers.


So some key points around how you can leverage social proof to build that credibility is:


Number 1 is to collect all your positive reviews and testimonials, request feedback from experts.

Everyone who goes through your program, if you were like me, you will automate that as well inside of your CRM to look for those satisfied customers. And we store them all inside of Google Drive in a testimonial folder.


Number 2 is to use real life experiences.

Interview people so that they can share their experience of what they've been through while working with you and what they benefited from when they went through your signature method, through your program. 


Number 3 is a case study.

Create a case study, sit with a client, or what we've done in the past is say, who wants to be on the fast track and document their, their growth, their transformation over time. And that will allow you to demonstrate the steps in which somebody went through and the outcome on how your coaching program has been able to solve a specific. 


Number 4 is to make sure you display that social proof everywhere.

Feature your social proof on websites, landing pages, marketing materials, social media. 

You can create audiograms with that. You can even capture their face. We put them in like little phones and computers using Canva. And any third party reviews as well that you might have from You know, platforms. So for example, we work with a few software companies and we have social proof there because I've taught inside of Kajabi.


Number 5 is to showcase influencer endorsements.

 if you've gone through a coaching program to become accredited, see if they will give you an endorsement.

Or, if you've worked with any influencers relevant to what it is that you do, see if they will actually give you an endorsement as well. And then you can use all of these things inside of your sales presentations. So when you're doing your pitch or your invitation, make sure you do showcase all of those amazing reviews and do avoid misrepresentation.

Ensure that your social proof is accurate and represents experiences and outcomes.





by leveraging social proof, you're going to be able to really instill confidence in your potential customers while building your credibility. And it will also give you so much confidence. I love reading reviews.


Like if I'm in a doubt and frustration phase of the emotional cycle of sales. It's one of the first things I do. I will go and look at our reviews and testimonials so that it makes me feel awesome. When you can see people who love you and leave amazing testimonials for you. And again, in the eye of that prospect, that potential customer, it will build that social proof.


Never let anyone dull your sparkle!



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