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Tip 5/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

Nov 27, 2023

Tip 5/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

Now in our next quick tip, we will be talking about authority and expertise.

You see yourself as a coach for yourself or your brand, you are an authority in your industry. You want to share your knowledge through leadership content. Industry insights, and educational resources, demonstrate your expertise build trust, and position you as a reliable source, making your customers feel more inclined to follow you, right?


Here are some key points around how you can demonstrate your authority and your expertise within the sales strategies:


Number 1 is leadership content.

Create and share thought-provoking content, such as articles, blogs, and videos, to showcase your expertise within the industry. Make people think. 

Number 2
 is industry insights offer valuable insights and industry trends.

Maybe some challenges that you see regularly coming up and other opportunities that you can show people through your content.


Number 3 is educational resources.

Develop your educational resources using things like guides, tutorials, webinars, and workshops, so that you can share your knowledge with potential customers, just like we do right here on the podcast, on the live stream, wherever you're listening or watching this, it's an educational piece, it's a resource for you.


Number 4 is to share success stories.

Your product or service has actually helped people to achieve their goals.


Number 5 is to speak at industry events.

If there's an opportunity for you to participate as a speaker or a panelist at any of your industry conferences, webinars, or events, It will again help you to showcase your expertise. 

Number 6
 is to contribute to the publication.

If you're somebody who loves to write. Write articles, right? Reputable industries, right? Any publications, get out there, Google, find some publications that you can reach out to, to write for.


Number 7 is to be active on social media.

We have to, as coaches,  we really have to stay active on social media. 

It allows our content to stay relevant, us to stay relevant. And also it will allow us to build that reputation around our particular area of expertise.


Number 8 is to run free workshops and webinar.

This is something we highly promote with you. This is actually what we mostly help our clients do running live training, whether it's a boot camp, a challenge, or a webinar.

It allows you to share your expertise with potential customers. But you know what I love the most about the way we teach is when you do it live, you can also get instant feedback as well.


Number 9 is having engaging Q and A sessions.

Participating in Q and A sessions, both online and offline to address people's questions and concerns.


Number 10 is highlight any certifications or awards.

Highlight any certifications or awards that you have to really build that credibility. Display those awards on your websites, on your sales merchandise, your emails, and make sure that you provide valuable advice, right?


It's so important that you stay up to date with your industry trends so that you can build your knowledge. 


Then, of course, data, and statistics are super helpful depending on what niche you're in. It will give insights and recommendations, and, you know, really strengthen your credibility if you can provide facts and data. 


Number 11 is to collaborate with influencers.

Another great way to really build your authority and expertise is to collaborate with influencers. Influencers that you respect, and also influencers that are respected within your industry. That will really enhance your business, your authority.


So for example, we work alongside Amy Porterfield during her digital course academy launch. We also teach inside of Chalene Johnson's Marketing Impact Academy. And usually, about once a year, I might run a training course inside of her community. Again, for free reciprocity, helping pay it forward inside of their program. So by demonstrating authority and showcasing your expertise, you can position yourself or your brand as a trusted source with valuable information and solutions.


You see, customers are more likely to know, like, and trust you and your advice as an expert, which will. Increase that credibility and ultimately, of course, more conversions. But remember to be genuine, okay? Transparent and also consistently provide value. that will build a lasting result and lasting trust with your people.



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