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Tip 6/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence

Nov 30, 2023

Tip 6/6 of Psychology of Selling: Steps to Sell with Confidence


We're going to be talking about how you can be confident in your product and service.

My advice is you need to be confident. You need to love what you do.


Have you heard the phrase confidence is contagious?

When you believe in the value of your product, It will show up in everything that you do when you interact with your potential customers, when you go live, even when you write your emails and your blog post, when you demonstrate enthusiasm around what you do, your passion around what you do, you are really going to be able to show people how genuine you are, and you'll be able to convince them on what the outcome and the benefits are of working with you and your customers are going to feel the same way about you, more confident around, you know, potentially working with you. 


So here are a couple of key points around how you can be confident in your product and service during your sales interactions:


Number 1 is to know your product inside and out.

I know that the method you take people through is not set in stone. It will grow and evolve with you but focus on becoming an expert. 


In your service, understand all of its features, all of its benefits and how you can use that to address your customer's needs. A huge thing that we do is we teach people how to make a graphic around how to demonstrate all the benefits, and features inside of their program so that you don't find yourself waffling on.


Number 2 is you need to believe in the value it provides.

You have to have an unwavering belief in the value. Right? The value that you give can go up exponentially over time as well. The more you learn from research, the more you learn from working with people and understanding how it has a positive impact on people's lives.


Number 3 is to make sure you are prepared to address any doubts.

When you can address doubts or objections that the customer may have about your product, you will become more confident in providing a tailored solution during sales conversations and be able to also provide evidence to really help people overcome those main objections.


Number 4 is to be enthusiastic.

When you speak to people, let your enthusiasm, your passion for your service really shine through during your interactions, and show genuine excitement about its capabilities and you need to believe it.

Number 5
 is to use personal experiences.

A lot of us, if we're a coach, it's because we've figured something out. We've probably been through it in the past. We've worked out how to get to the other side, solve that problem, and share your story.


Have you heard the term "Stories sell"? It allows people to connect with you or if you are not if you've been trained in this area and you don't have personal experience, showcase customer's personal stories.


You can ask them permission to use their name and if they don't want to share say a customer without actually disclosing who they are as well and how your service transformation has made a massive difference in people's lives. 


Number 6 is being prepared.

Anticipate what potential questions and concerns that a potential customer may have.


Be prepared with confidence, and have compelling answers. And the only way to get really good at this is to do it. Have those sales conversations because what you'll find over time is the same objections keep coming up.


And if you get an objection or a concern or a question that you're unable to answer,  figure it out after the call, and add it to your repertoire of answers. So next time you hear it. You have that resource or information to be able to help support what it is that you do and help people overcome objections. 


Number 7 is highlighting your unique selling points.

Now, again, we do this using a graphic when we teach our clients to do the same, but make sure you highlight all the key selling points.


What is unique about you?


There are probably a lot of people out there who do something similar to what it is that you do, but nobody will do it exactly like you.


Say you've got six things that you uniquely help people with. There may be somebody out there that does four or five, but there'll be nobody that does all six. So look through your competitors and see what are some of those things that make you stand out. And if you're not sure, ask people who have worked with you so that you can choose those things to showcase that will help you to stand out in your market.


Number 8 is positive language.

Utilize positive language, and persuasive language when you're talking about your service. That way, when you focus on its features, its strengths, and its benefits in a positive way, that will help you.

Number 9
 is active listening.

Listen actively, and pay attention to your customer's feedback.


Use active listening to their needs, their preferences, so you can tailor your pitch, your sales conversation, and your invitation to address their specific interests, needs, wants, and desires. 


Number 10 is practice makes perfect.

You should be doing as many sales conversations as you can or you should be pitching in a live demonstration as often as you can. The more regularly you do this, it will build your confidence and it will refine the way you deliver your service.

Number 11
 is to handle objections with grace.

Not every customer will be interested in the service that you offer. And that's okay. At any given time, there are only 2 percent of the people on your list that are ready to buy.


So when you hear objections and rejections, it's okay. Not everybody wants your product or service. And you see when you remove the emotional connection to the outcome, it will help you to remain confident for the next opportunity as well. 


And then finally,


Number 12 is to be authentic.

Be authentically you in all of your interactions.


As a customer, they want to see a sense of sincerity. They want to know that you're genuine, you genuinely want to help them. You have a strong belief in what it is that you do and how you speak, how you interact, right? It will allow your service or your products to shine through.


So, be confident in your products and services and project an aura of assurance, and positivity.


Believe in the value that you provide. Your belief, and your enthusiasm, will be infectious. It will inspire confidence in your potential customers as well. Confidence and passion in the way you approach will significantly increase how you get more leads.



Remember, be ethical. Selling is based on an understanding of customer's needs, wants, and desires. And when you offer genuine solutions, you foster really long-term relationships.


I always like to say the work we do today will affect our bank account in three to six months. You know, with the right blend of psychology, and authenticity, you will become more effective in your sales conversations, more confident and professional and confidence is contagious. 



Never let anyone dull your sparkle!


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