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Sparkle Coffee Time Chat #5 - Lucia Peters

sparkle coffee time Jun 18, 2019

Lucia Peters


Personal Styling Topics and Tips


Lucia has dealt and coped with the changes and the challenges of a changing body shape, which through the years has lead her to have all sorts of insecurities and beliefs, around her body shape and image as an adult woman. Lucia felt like she was somehow different, always uncomfortable in the fit of garments because of her shape, as they did not make the fit for a womens shape.. This has taken many years to right, and Lucia still has to quieten that voice who likes to comment about her body, Lucia now very quickly turns it around to something positive..  

Working with women in the Retail fashion industry, Lucia soon discovered also that fashion really catered too the size 10’s of the world mostly. The average Aussie women weighs 71kg and is a size 14-16. They just do not cater to the average, Miss, Mrs ,Australian women.  

Lucia has now learnt that there are so many women out there in Australia the US & UK, who are experiencing these very same insecurities as she did and Lucia passion is to help as many women as possible to change the perception of themselves by Educating young women and older women to embrace a positive body image, embracing who they are, and that sometimes it’s okay that something does not fit! This is where Lucia helps women embrace a positive body image and love themselves for everything they are.. taking the anxiety away from their wardrobe and the garments that are in that wardrobe..  

Self discovery through, self confidence, self care and self love, portrays to everyone that you are aligned and authentic to you, no longer worried about a size not fitting, Lucia also gives the tools needed to move forward and embrace and develop the Self. Self discovery through, self confidence, self care and self love, which is all you!!! Women who have lots to offer this world..  


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