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The Fastest Path To Profit

course creation marketing sales Oct 18, 2019

Looking for the Fastest Path to Profit?

We are going to talk about the journey of a coach consultant healer

...somebody who's looking at creating a course. 

A lot of people think that all I need to do is to create a course, put something out there and everybody will come running.

This is not the best way to go about things as you need to validate what it is that you want to offer. You need to make sure people are actually interested in it.

Serving and helping people, one on one

The way I recommend that you go about this is when you're first starting out, you should be doing one on ones. Serving and helping people, one on one.

That way you are speaking to your ideal client... to your audience.  You get to hear their pain points, you get to find out where their struggles are. You get to delve deep.  Figure out what it is that you can do to help them by listening to them. Find out what it is that they're looking for help from you with.

The more one on ones that you do, the more you're going to get to know the people that you are trying to serve. 

When you have so many one on ones booked, you may find you struggle to keep on top of things. You find that you are repeating yourself over and over and over and over again. Then it is time to move to the next stage.

From one on ones, you move to one to few

So from your one on ones, you move to, one to few. 

This is where you start teaching, and sharing and helping in groups. This way, you have already delved in deep, to find out what their pain points are. And by doing that you are now able to serve better. You are able to kind of fix things before they happen.

One on One.

One to few.

One to Groups.


By doing one on ones you can charge a higher price

Using this system... by doing one on ones you can charge a higher price.  Getting you your fastest path to profit. 

With one on ones you can definitely charge more money, than what you do in the group scenario where you charge a little less.

With the group scenario you can take more on if everyone's only paying $50 a session versus $1,000, a session with you, you need more people in that group. This also allows you to help and serve more people.


One to Many

Now when you go to the next stage we choose one to many. This is where you're looking at courses and paid large group membership programs. We are not working directly with people any longer and there's a lot of done for them stuff in there.

So, step by step processes or workbooks and things like that, for them to work their way through. 

Now,  if you're trying to go straight to one to many, you better have a really good list. A good, healthy bank account to pay to get the numbers in.

These courses where you go from one to many, you run them through an automated sales and marketing funnel.  Where clients are buying into your course through a webinar, or a training or something like that. 

Now the conversion rates in a webinar are only around 2 to 3% and up to about 5% if you're running the webinar live.

If you are doing consult bookings, the industry conversion standards are around 20 to 30%...when you're speaking to people, one on one.

So you can imagine you're trying to automate the system so that you don't have to speak to anybody. You send them through a webinar to buy your course or product or service. Here's where you  get 1 or 2% conversion. That means for every hundred people that come through, only one or two of those people are going to buy anything.

To get the masses and the number of people coming through, you are going to pay a lot of money for your advertising.  To push the numbers through. So, if you want your fastest path to profit the best way to start is by doing one on ones.

Get in and serve your people face to face!

If you would like help with that BOOK A FREE SALES & STRATEGY SESSION with me so I can show you how!


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