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The Positivity Ratio - Practice positive thinking for business success

mindset motivation Feb 27, 2019

The Positivity Ratio

The positivity ratio is a way of thinking that you purposefully try and think positive thoughts on a three to one ratio

I want to share with you in today's blog post about the positivity ratio, have you heard of this before?
If you know somebody who could do with a little bump and to start
changing their mindsets, share this around with them.
I want to talk to you a little bit about positivity ratio, you know, I love my numbers, right?

What is the positivity ratio?

The positivity ratio is a way of thinking that you purposefully try and
... think positive thoughts on a three to one ratio
… so that you tip the scales in your mindset
... and youʼre focusing on things that are much more uplifting to take you forward.
Now, because you focus on the good things it doesnʼt mean that you push aside those negative thoughts,
because what can happen is, if you push them down, you try and bury your negative thoughts,
… theyʼre going to come back with a vengeance,
because theyʼre have come to you for a reason
and we need to allow negative thoughts and sadness and things like that to visit.
We want to remember those positivity thoughts,
and ensure to focus on those things that are much more uplifting to take you forward.

We want to think a three to one ratio of positive and negative thoughts.

You want to focus on things that are working,
rather than the things that are not working, and it will start to change your perspective.
When you start to focus on the things that are working in your life,
rather than the things that are not working in your life,
it will start to open your eyes to lots and lots of other opportunities that may have been missed.
When it starts to change your mental state, it will start to lead to thoughts that are more creative.
This will motivate you and it will give you more resilience,
when it comes to stressful situations.
If you are always looking out for the good things that are happening,
you will start to see the beauty in the world around you.
When you are intentionally looking for positivity in your life,
please don't push away those negative feelings,
because it will start to grow and fester, you still need to experience them 3 to 1.

… 3 positive to 1 negative.

Being able to put those positive thoughts in the front of your mind,
and are more purposefully looking for things that are positive,
your mood will be three times more positive than it is to that one time of those negative thoughts.
And it will start to build positive experiences of life around you when you are purposefulness about it.
By creating those feelings
... of optimism,
... of gratefulness,
... of appreciation
... of being inspired by people or things around you,
... of being awestruck by amazing things and amazing people out there in the big wide world
and just be happy.
Intentionally seek the positive and push down those negative thoughts.
Now, as well as thinking about positive and negative thoughts, you also need to be purposely speaking about positive things as well.
Because when you start talking about your feelings, it will increase those experiences even more so.

Practice talking about positive things.

You can also make a shift when something is negative,
when you speak about it in a positive way.
It will help you shift that mindset as well, and you'll be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one.
I have had a lot of stuff happen in my life. But if I don't want to speak about it,
I intentionally look at how it's made my life better,
rather than speaking and dwelling on the negative,
this then totally helps me with a mindset shift.
And when you apply this positivity ratio to your life, you will feel so much more empowered.
Because do you know why?
you are going to feel that you are in control of your own destiny and your own life.

Here are seven little things that I've written down, that will help you when you're trying purposely to be more positive in life.

1. Make a plan

 Plan for when things are going to get down.
What are you going to do to help to kind of shift those negative thoughts?
If you plan things that make you happy before you are having negative thoughts,
and you recognise that you will able to be able to put those actual those plans into action.  
Having a 'positivity plan' will help when things get you down. 

2. Make a gratitude journal 

Does anybody out there have a gratitude journal?
I know a lot of us who do the Sparkle Vision Board Challenge over on Facebook, in there we have a gratitude jar. 
Having a gratitude jar or journal you will write down daily your grateful thoughts.


3. Being mindful and monitoring your own mood 


If you feel that your negative thoughts are starting to dictate your day, be mindful of your moods.
Because when you're mindful, and you are aware of those moods,
it's going to make you more resilient when you recognise the good and the bad.
Remember you are the sky, and your emotions come and go just like clouds.


4. Treat yourself 

Treat yourself to things that you love.
Things in your life that you know if you go out there and do them they're going to make you happy.
It might be all sorts of pleasures like listening to a favourite song,
or having a bath with colourful bath bombs,
or go to a favourite restaurant that you like,
Maybe even just watching a comedy or a Netflix binge!
Having those things you love and celebrating them.
Once you know what these things are, rotate them and be purposeful about that.


5. Practice positive habits in your life 


Think about some positive habits that you can put into your life. Thinking about the future and having positive habits in your life.
I love to have a cup of coffee in the morning
and I love to stand at my back door, watch the birds come in and bath in a little birdbath in the garden.
It's a fantastic habit I love to do most mornings. 
What do you like to do as part of your morning routine that makes you happy?


6. Find surprises in your life

This means, don't take everything for granted.
Maybe someone around you does something that really surprises you, don't take those loved ones for granted.
Look for surprises around every corner.
Maybe that flower that you've been watching has finally bloomed - like my irises in my backyard. I went out there today after waiting for months and months ‘we got a flower!’.
I went and I looked at it them this morning and I got really excited about my purple irises that came out today. 
Even little things can surprise you!


7. Hold on to those proven strategies 

Hold onto strategies that have worked in the past.
What are things that you know that makes you happy?
watching a funny sitcom?
eating your favourite food?
going for a walk?
going for a drive?
sitting on the beach?
... are youʼre a beach or a forest person?
I love the rain forest. Being surrounded green trees and flowing waterfalls and rivers, that's my happy place what's yours?


In conclusion, practising the positivity 3:1 ratio will help your mindset

donʼt push aside the negative thoughts, itʼs ok for them to come and go, just like the clouds
… make sure you practise that 3:1 ratio so you are three times happier than you are sad.
You still need to allow yourself to be sad, but practice the positivity ratio of 3:1
... and I promise it will help you make a shift in your life.
When you are feeling sad, what is something that you can do to help shift that mindset?
What can you intentionally and purposefully do to not get stuck in the upset and the negativity?
We all go through it, thereʼs Nothing wrong with it.
We're human and itʼs part of being alive.
But if you're purposeful and you recognise those moods it will help you onto a better path.
What sort of things do you do to help shift your mood?
When I close my eyes to meditate and relax. I like to Imagining a rainforest with wet mist around old ferns and big trees with moss growing down the rocks.
That's my happy place.
What's yours?

Close your eyes and imagine in your head a place that is calming

Do you go if you go to the beach?
Do you sit out in the sun?
I love the coolness of a rain forest?
I guess I do like the cool and that's really good as I live in a town called Geelong, Australia
and we get much colder days than hot being towards the bottom of Australia.
Even when I go to bed at night,
... I like to hang one leg out and let is get cold, that feel so nice and relaxing to me,
... and then I pull in the cold leg and rub it against my warm on!
Is that just me?
... or does anyone else do that?
Moving on... lol
The practice of mindfulness is an amazing way to help bring you back and your mind back into the present moment …
and stop worrying about all those troubles in the past,
or what the potential problems in the future may bring you.
Being in the present moment is where you can discover peace, where you can just breathe and enjoy the space that you're in right now.

"Remember, never let anyone dull your sparkle!"


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