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What's the Right Way to Find a Business Mentor?

Oct 22, 2023

If you follow me, chances are you are in the world of business. So I have a question for you..

Do you have a business mentor?


Now you are probably thinking I am not ready for a business mentor, I am not making enough money, well, I have news for you, investing in a business mentor can help get you making money quicker.


You see it’s one thing to go down the rabbit hole of trying to figure it all out for yourself. This doesn't mean you cannot do it, but it is likely to take you longer, and you might find you make a lot of mistakes along the way which could cost you more than a mentor did to start with.


And it is another thing to invest in a mentor that may not be suited for you costing you time and money.


So we are going to dive deep into why you should have a business mentor.


Wisdom and Experience:

A mentor gives you the wisdom and expertise gained from your experiences. Tapping into their knowledge can guide you down the entrepreneurial path. Having a mentor who’s been there and done that is invaluable.


Modeling Proven Practices:

When you hire a mentor, you gain access to their system and strategies. Their proven practices can save you from reinventing the wheel. Success often comes from repeating and iterating what already works.


Expanding Your Network:

Being part of your mentor’s network can open doors and connect you with valuable contacts. Expanding your network can lead to exciting opportunities and collaborations.


Overcoming Challenges:

A mentor can help you navigate through challenges and setbacks. They’ve likely faced similar obstacles on their journey to success. Their guidance can be your lifeline during tough times.


Personal Development and Growth:

Nurturing your personal growth as an entrepreneur is crucial. A mentor can provide guidance, helping you overcome perfectionism and procrastination. They can keep you on track and motivated.


Motivation and Accountability:

A mentor acts as an accountability partner, holding you responsible for your goals and aspirations. They provide motivation and help you build resilience.


Strategic Vision and Direction:

Mentors can offer clarity on your goals, values, and aspirations. Their wisdom helps you chart a strategic path toward your vision.


Avoiding Costly Mistakes:

Learn from your mentor’s mistakes and avoid making them yourself. Why reinvent the wheel when you can tap into their experience?


Expanding Mentorship into Collaborations:

Mentorship relationships can lead to more significant collaborations. Some mentors can become long-term partners, further enriching your journey.


And to make sure you hire the right mentor I have some tips that might help save you time and money!


Identify Your Goals:

Clarify what you want from the mentorship. Determine the specific areas where you seek guidance and improvement.


Seek Recommendations:

Leverage your network to ask for referrals to trusted mentors. Colleagues, friends, and business connections can provide valuable insights.


Network at Events:

Attend live and online industry events to connect with potential mentors. Engage in conversations and build relationships with experts in your field.


Explore Business Organizations:

Join business organizations or networks that offer mentorship programs. These can be great places to find a mentor who aligns with your goals.


Build Relationships:

Cultivate a strong relationship with your mentor by showing gratitude, respecting their time, actively listening, and implementing their advice.


Set Goals and Expectations:

Collaborate with your mentor to set clear goals and expectations for your mentorship. Define what success looks like.


Maintain Regular Communication:

Stay in touch with your mentor through emails, calls, and video conferences. Share your wins, challenges, and progress.


Lead with Gratitude:

Show appreciation and give back to your mentor by sharing valuable content, making introductions, or assisting with their projects.


Consider Mentor’s Advancement:

Choose a mentor who is significantly ahead of you in your journey, ideally by six to twelve months. This ensures they have the experience and knowledge to guide you effectively.


Whether you’re just starting or looking to level up your business, mentorship can provide invaluable guidance and support, even if it is only in the form of Repetition Immersion or Modelling, you will find having that person there will help you achieve your desired results faster. So, have you found your mentor yet? Share your mentorship experiences and let’s continue this journey together. Remember, success loves speed, and having a mentor can accelerate your path to greatness.

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