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Widen your network with organic reach

business tips goal setting marketing sales Oct 01, 2020

Widen your network with organic reach

Hey everybody,

So today's content,  Social media on Facebook is massive. 

What am I talking about? 

So some of the statistics that we gave you today in the email that went out were the fact that there are already about 2 billion active Facebook users right, and 1.1 5 billion active daily users on Facebook.

So it is a massive, massive audience that can go out by leveraging the power of Facebook, as well as that you know that there are five new profiles being created, created every second on Facebook, so it is continuously growing.

Now, what is your challenge?

I want you to be able to get out there and share your product or service to the organic world of Facebook.

Now, organic means free, right? 

Don't let your past define you.

Where you're going out to places where you can advertise your product in free space. And that is in lots and lots of groups, you are going to be able to advertise your product or service in groups.

Now you're thinking to yourself, oh, yes, I see those ads all the time. And all this spam and the same person posts over and over again in the same group

Well, I'm not going to be teaching you to do that. I'm going to teach you that if you have enough groups, you can't post too fast. Are you going to go to jail?

So if you're in enough groups, you only end back up in the same group. Once every three to four weeks, actually posting in the same group.

So if you want to check, I'm up around 600 groups.

Now you want to know how I find all these groups. So the thing you need to do to find the groups. Now there's a couple of important steps I need you to follow here. And it is important that you pay close attention because I don't want you to go to what's called Facebook Jail. And that's where Facebook sees you as a spammer.

And they will even block you from joining groups and they will block you from posting in groups. 

If you do these steps one too fast and too often. 

Okay, so a general rule of thumb is you will only join five groups every half an hour.

You only click the Join button five times every half an hour. 

You can do up to 10 groups every hour. Now, if I have been following this rule, and by doing this rule, I have not gone to jail, and I've already been to jail. So my profile has been flagged as a spammer before.

So, when you've been flagged as a spammer before, you can actually get into jail a lot quicker.

Now, as well as that the algorithms in Facebook will. And they notice how you click to join. So if you go click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, Facebook is going to go spam up. So it's like, click Oh, I'm gonna have a sip of coffee.

Now, how are you going? 

Now if you set a goal, a target of how many groups a day now.

So I challenge you.

To do at least 30 at a time, because you're not going to get approved into those groups straight away. It's going to take time for the admin to approve you. So you may click on 10 groups, but you may not even get into those groups for a day or two.  Even a week or two months or three months, depending on how active the group is.


Now, how do you find groups, finding groups, there are keywords that you use. So the first thing I would do is here's a list of keywords that you can start with the word bot. Now if you just use the word buy by itself, Facebook kind of knows where you are located.

And I will give you a suggested list of groups with the word buy in their title in your local area, or close by or state. Then you've got the word sell. You've got the word swap. You've got the word Oh, hello, it's coffee time. You've got the word

But your challenge over the next week is to consistently base spending at least a little bit of time every day and joining your goal. 

Now I'm hoping your goal is going to be 30 joins a day, really, which is what 510 1520 2530, which is in three hours. You weren't taking three hours worth of work, it means for five minutes, you jump in every half an hour and click five join buttons.


How quickly is that going to add up such a simple small task?

So that is what today's blog is all about.



... and remember,

"Never let anyone dull your sparkle"

✨ 💜  Sally 


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